Fancy Nancy Photography, LLC came about after photographing as a hobbiest since 2009. I had realized that I just wasn't happy with pictures of my babies from "the other guys", you know, the chain studios. My daughter had a unique smile that I just never felt they did justice. Since I began in film photography in High School, my wonderful husband and a great friend of mine both pushed me to finally follow a long forgotten dream... to be a photographer. I am a Military wife, mother of two beautiful children first and foremost. You know the saying, "Home is where the Navy sends us" , well, so it brought me here to the beautiful Kingsland, Georgia. I specialize in Newborn and Family photography now. I love a squishy new baby, and I love seeing my clients ( that a lot of times turn into friends) grow. I love watching an expecting mother go from expecting to seeing what that new little life brings. My passion is capturing a moment. You know, the moment!?! The one that brings a tear, the one that makes you smile bigger than you think you ever have! You know the one, it was the time you saw your loved one as you looked down the isle, it was the time you dreamed of what your baby would look like, and it is your childs first giggle or wrinkley nose. That is what I do, I stop that moment in time for you to hold on to for the rest of your life. Its really priceless! And for a moment you let me in to share, and that is what I LOVE about what I have chosen to do! I am constantly learning and working to improve my art, and you reap the benifits I would like to think! So check out my site. See what I do, and book your session today!!! I would love to meet you and get to be a part of those special moments in your families life!