Fancy Nancy Photography,LLC: Blog en-us (C) Fancy Nancy Photography,LLC (Fancy Nancy Photography,LLC) Tue, 11 May 2021 14:33:00 GMT Tue, 11 May 2021 14:33:00 GMT Fancy Nancy Photography,LLC: Blog 86 120 Happy Mother's Day Happy Mothers DayMothers love captured through images MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I know I am a little late, as this was probably the most hectic Mother's Day for me EVER. That said, I was so blessed to finally, after 23 years of my husbands military service, I was able to spend time with my Mom, my Mother in law and take gifts to my husband's Grandmother! My cup runneth over, as they say! This week I also was blessed to be able to take some images for a special family member to me. Faith and Karen contacted me ( which for those that don't know are cousin/aunt) and wanted to do a session with Madison for her momma a surprise for her birthday and for Mother's Day!!! How FUN!!! I just love spending time with our littlest cousin, Madison. She is a spitfire and just so so cute!!! ( just in case you couldn't tell! While they were here for her session I got Aunt Faith and Mimi in the mix out in my garden! These turned out to be my very favorites from the session and the most fun. She loves her Aunt Faith and Mimi for sure! These Wednesday evenings are precious to them all and we all sometimes get to take advantage and join in the fun! Hopefully one day she looks back and these images and remembers all the love surrounding her. I know I am more grateful than ever for this time with family that i have been missing and craving for years. Don't take your family for granted, I guess is what I am trying to say. And GET IN FRONT OF THE LENS! It doesn't have to be mine ( although of course I would love that) but take the pictures. One day that will be such a precious thing and something tangible that you can look back with and remember these times together. Loving one another. And your mom will never be disappointed of a picture of her with her most precious joy!!! Trust me!

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Fancy seeing you Grow With Me! Milestone Sessions

Grow with me sessions with Fancy Nancy Photography, LLC

I just love my Grow with Me babies. Why? Because just that, they have grown with me. I have watched them through so many first's. We build a bond, a friendship with one another. Which is is so important with these little ones as we go into their Custom Cake Smash and 1 year birthday! I have watched them smile, cry ( possibly alot), learn how to roll over, sit, their first teeth and their first steps. Hopefully they learn they can trust me and that it is fun day when we take pictures. I love it even more if I have been blessed enough to be a part of your lives as a family through pregnancy, maternity images, maybe your birth, the fresh 48, then newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and on to their awesome custom cake smash. Maybe even some special mini's in between like Spring, Mommy and Me, Time with Daddy, Fall and Christmas! I just love watching these little ones and the wonder as they learn so many new things so quickly. Not only do I offer discounts if you book together ( We can build a special Grow with me package just for your family's needs) but we get the opportunity to build a friendship! We work together to build that special newborn session and then each session after to your specific colors, themes and likes. Many times we document this special time with baby's newest loves. Whether it be a new love of Mickey Mouse or a new stuffed animal Grandma gave that they are currently in love with. A new snack that is a must. I want to capture all of these special memories for you and your family. It just goes so fast. So I hope to work with you and your family soon. Lets build memories together.  

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Happy Valentine's #heirloomportraits #newbornvalentine #valentine #newborngirl #newbornbabyWhen Daddy makes you a bowI just love including special pieces that your family has put so much heart into!  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 

I just loved photographing this sweet girl. She was a little older than most of my newborns, but she was just a sweet dream. Her daddy had made her this sweet bow and we just had to incorperate it into her session! I love using special items made with love from your family and friends. That is what memories are made of right? I love to capture this sweet special time in your lives and baby will never be this little again. That with special things that family have put so much thought and heart into for the love of this newest family member. I just can't wait to capture this special time for you and your family. 

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Why do I not get ALL of my images? So a question I get asked alot as a photographer ( and alot of my photographer friends get asked also) is "Why can I not have ALL of my images?" So I thought I would just write a little blog about it. There really are more than one reason, so I thought i would explain. First, not ALL of your images are the best. Yes, we are professionals, but so many things come into play when on a session. I deal primarily with little ones. And since you are probably a parent if reading this, do I need to say more? Haha. So one thing is babies as shown above, look away. They look at Mom, Dad, Aunt or Grandma and it may not be in an artistic, soulful way. Just..looking away. They blink. Parents blink. No one really wants a blinky portrait where they are looking more like Popeye then themselves. Or usually not. Kids pick their nose. Alot. Now, if it a monumentally hilarious nose picking that you love, heck, say so, you will have it included in your gallery. But you really don't need 20 nose picking images do you? Then there is the fact that I am usually shooting fairly fast with little ones. So I pick the one best out of maybe 10 of the same exact shot with probably the smallest movement if any. Then there is photographer error. Yes, I know, I am the professional. And while I try to do my best at every moment, I am human. So I may have hit a setting in the quick pace. Your sun may have changed in an instant leaving it under exposed or over exposed. I may have misjudged movement and gotten blur. It happens as much as I would hate to admit it. I also have a really fast camera so I have been known to take an image of my foot, the floor, the sky, ect. Hahaha. You get the picture. I make mistakes. So out of all those shots that I take really there are usually only 30ish great ones. I promise, I am not keeping this beautiful image of your amazing baby in my pocket. That doesn't benefit me at all. I WANT you to love your gallery. I want you to be happy and know you got the most amazing images. In the case I do have more, many of my clients know I give them on a full session. I take the time to edit them and give them. But I just don't have the time to edit them all, nor do I feel you would even want those I throw out sort of speak. The average full session gallery takes approximately 8 hours to edit. But I promise I am editing all that are something you would want. I put my mom goggles on at the first of my editing and edit away. And hey, if there is ever a session you remember a special moment you feel I captured and I didn't include it, ask me. I am always more than happy to go back over your session to make sure you receive all that you would love. 

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Preparing for your family session

I get asked alot "What do I bring to our session? " or "What do we wear to our session?" and the answer is, bring your family, their personality and the smiles. Do not stress out. So here are some tips on making that run as smooth as possible. Because lets face it, getting ready for your session is likely to be alot like a Sunday morning before church. You know what I mean, right? The littlest one has a blowout of the most massive kind. Your toddler NEEDS to wear his Buzz Lightyear boots that light up. Your shirt has a stain or doesn't get dry in the dryer. Your hair has a mind of its own and your husband is less than thrilled about all this hoopla. So take a step back. Yes, spend the time coordinating outfits, but if something doesn't work out, no worries. If it is anything I learned from my husbands time with the is to adapt and overcome. Try to with the most amount of grace you can muster. So, grab another solid color shirt. Grab another dress. It is ok. But keep your smile. Grab the little one first and get that baby cleaned up. Then tell the toddler the Buzz Lightyear boots are fine, but Mommy is bringing a backup pair. Or heck, don't tell him that part. Tell him we are going to get some AMAZING shots of his favorite boots and he will rock them. Because we will and it will be great. Just remember, no one likes red faces on session day. Have him or her pick a book that matches while you finish putting your hair up in an amazing messy bun if need be. Then, sing songs on the way, play Disney in the car. Tell jokes. Have FUN. Then when we meet up, tell me a joke. Let me know about how awesome those boots are. We will get some images with them and I will probably be able to talk him/her into the shoes you wanted. Bring the tickles, the silliness and the fun. Because your smiles are what make for memorable photos that are YOU. They are what your family is made up of. That is what looks good on your walls and social media. The love and the fun. Not the stress. Oh and bring some wipes, just in case. ( although I usually have those too) Bring your favorite blanket or quilt, we will use it or use mine. Bring Buzz. Because trust me, as a mom of a 16 year old that spent over a year in a dinosaur costume ( yes I let him wear it EVERYWHERE) I miss those times. I wish I had lots more images of that dino because he was adorable and I was too caught up in the moment to realize too many times. ( His sisters school awards ceremony, yes...he was a dino) So once again, bring your personalities, even if you thing they aren't magazine cover worthy, I assure you, they are. And I look forward to some fun and smiles with your family. 


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How to choose your newborn photographer Choosing the right newborn photographer for you! Choosing your newborn photographer for your family and your most precious new little one can be daunting. What are the top 5 considerations I feel, as a photographer myself, you should be looking for? 

1. Has this photographer been trained in the safety of my baby. This photographer will be handling your most precious gift. They should be trained and knowledgeable about handling your baby, especially if you are looking for the more posed newborn photography. There are workshops and classes our there that many of us that specialize have taken. Just one of my classes was with a NICU nurse that is a newborn photographer on the side. I have taken that class alone twice. She addresses many of the issues that could arise at your session and things to be watching to keep baby safe and healthy during your session. Many of the more advanced posing you see such as "froggie pose" or anything where a baby is "suspended" it seems are most likely what we call composites. ( or should be) This is where it appears baby is on it's own, however in my studio they would have hands on them at all times and I take multiple images and put them together for appearance in Photoshop. Safety must always come first. 

2. Do I like this photographers editing and "style". Not every professional photographer is going to fit everyone's style. Some of us shoot more light and airy, while others shoot more moody and shadowy. Some edit clean and high contrast while others have a more matte style. Look at the images of more than one photographer and get a feel of how he or she shoots and edits and if that is something you love. These are going to be hopefully on your walls for many years to come and capturing one of the biggest milestones in your families life. Choose wisely. 

3. Does this photographer fit in my budget. Many make this a first priority and while I agree it is obviously important, I ask that it isn't the #1 of importance. In this day and age we seem to make a way for things we want. $5 coffee every day. A new hairstyle. Nails. Remember that those things are fleeting, but images of your newborn will last a lifetime if captured by a quality photographer, as they should be. Think of the last time you saw an image of your grandparent or your parent that made your heart skip a beat from long ago. These images will be there many years from now to bring back memories of one of the best times in your life. One that goes way too fast. I ask that you to keep this in mind when assessing your budget. If it is a reputable photographer that you love, but you may not be able to afford it in one payment, ask if they take payment plans. See if you can cut out something in your daily budget that is not necessity beforehand and maybe for a bit after. I think you will find that you won't regret spending a few extra dollars on these images in the long run. 

4. What is included in the photographers packaging prices. Do you want more along the lines of digital you can print out as you see fit? Are you looking for amazing, quality wall art? Maybe find someone that offers both. I know I personally love guiding my clients to the perfect wall art after a session, but know that in this digital age you want to share with your family and friends over social media too. 

5.Photographers personality. Now this one may be higher or the lowest on your list, but I know I end up being friends with many of my clients after our sessions. True friends. But some just like to do business and be on their way. You may like a quiet photographer that just gets you in and out, and that's okay. ( I may not be your photog then though. lol ) I tend to talk. Alot. I mean, not I have had too much coffee, drive you nuts talk really. ( or I hope not) But I love to get to know my clients. I love to watch your babies grow so I plan on seeing you more than just this once. I would love to see you back for at least 6 month sitter, cake smash and family portraits. Maybe Christmas minis. I don't do well in silence, it makes me nervous. But if that is what you are looking for I am pretty sure there are photographers out there that fit that bill also. 

I know there is more, but these are the key points I feel are important when you are doing your search. Get references, look at reviews. Basically "stalk" your local photographer pages. Ask questions. I feel comfortable in my knowledge and have no issue with answering these questions. I hope to hear from you soon. Or lead you to someone that can fit your top 5!

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Bringing in the New Year


Holden with all of his adorable smiles

I was SO excited to meet this adorable family and this sweet boy. He was a dream and even gave me a few smiles! I think that it was he liked the new studio, but I could be wrong! I haven't blogged in FOREVER, so I thought this would be a great way to ring in the new year with my new studio is actually drawing attention to such an amazing sweet session. 


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Fancy Nancy Photography moves back to Indiana I am so excited to announce my move to Central Indiana earlier this month. I am now taking bookings for any on location sessions and even in home Newborn sessions. I will be available for Hendricks, Putnam, Morgan and Marion County, Indiana. I cannot wait to plug back in to my hometown, Indiana community. My husband and I grew up here, and I studied film photography in high school, but renewed my love of photography in digital form back in 2009. Since I have worked and studied photography and done extensive study in the safety of your babies as I handle your most precious new bundle of joy. I cannot wait to bring this knowledge to your photo sessions and be blessed to document such wonderful milestones and growth in your life and that of your family. 

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Ms. Selena Turns One! It is so hard to believe this little one is turning one for me, I can only imagine how mommy feels. She was one of my tiniest babies at 5lbs. and she was older than I usually get them for her newborn session. I warned mom about posing with older babies, but to this day, Selena was one of my easiest babies. She was amazing and went right into poses. She actually LOVED the froggy pose, which I normally don't do with older babies, but tried since she was so little. Now fast forward to her cake smash and she took a little warming up, but she was all about that cake. Pretty as can be with her Mini Mouse theme. We got a few in there at the last for daddy too, in a dress that he had bought her. I just love capturing her little smiles. She is a little girl, but with BIG personality!

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